Since 1708 Charleston had a majority black population. Charleston then developed the popular nickname, “Negro Land.” Negro Land is a real place thought to be a legendary place where the Legendary Lost Tribes of Israel was found. (source: Kings map of 1747)

The largely Black African American majority city remained that way until Mayor Joseph Riley came into political power. After his forty-year biblical ruler ship over the slave descendants that built the pyramids of Egypt; he literally wiped black Charleston clean white. The largest Black or African American population in Charleston is in the projects. One of the major projects holding the African American Blacks is located on America street. Less than two percent of Charleston is populated with Black – African American citizens today.

The city built off of Black, African American and Slave blood sweat and tears would not exist if there wasn’t for slavery. Slavery and Charleston literally went hand-in-hand. From the very beginning, slavery was considered essential to Carolina being successful. Black history is the key to Charleston’s historical ruler ship and the key to the Holy city’s eight years in a row number one city in the United States of America for tourism. The African American history of Charleston is so powerful that only one tourism company dares to have its focus on Black history, African America history and Slave history all being connected with the Holy bible. Gullah Geechee Tours of Charleston is the only tourism company that focuses on the truth about its Black history, African American history and its Slave history. The most important historical stories are the stories that are talked about the least on history tours here in Charleston. How can you heal if you do not talk about the problem? You will not heal unless you talk about the problem. Gullah Geechee tours of Charleston is the only tourism company that talks about the darker side of the brightest city in all the Nation.

Slavery is the greatest story never told in its proper context until now. It’s still the story that everyone wants to hear. The secrets of the Holy city are secrets no more. Listen the Gullah Jac the Gullah Man. He will full your ears with the history you’ve been searching for. Gullah Jac tells the secrets of the sun, moon, stars and even the clouds. The ancestors are very connected to him and he is very connected to them. The elders speak through the voice of Gullah Jac the Gullah Man.

The Great Eclipse that came to Charleston August 21, 2017 signifies the time. In history this is the most exciting time to be alive and Charleston is the most specific location to be in. Standing secretly in the center of the thirty-third-degree north latitude parallel. Sometimes one must close his eyes in order to see a thing. Black history, African American history and Slave history told by an authentic full blood descendant of the slaves, a Gullah Geechee Native Charleston historian, Godrey also known as Gullah Jac. Gullah Jac is back, the Gullah Man is finally bringing the truth to the lost stories of the legendary slaves. The Legend of Lost Tribes can finally be revealed. Their truth has long been silenced. But now is the Time for The Veil to be Lifted up….

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