Godfrey Khill Gullah Jac, is BLack, and Jesus is King

Godfrey Khill Gullah Jac, is BLack, and Jesus is King, and Jesus is Gullah. Jesus is the Savior and his is coming to Redeem and bring Redemption to his people that he bled blood and died for in Jerusalem the Holy City. The Holy City of Charleston does not want the world to know the truth about its Black African American history, so most of the tour guides NEVER mention Jesus Christ, and but do remember lies for money. The lies are about the Black African American Gullah Geechee people of Charleston.
400 years of Slavery was promised to the Slaves that Charleston tortured for pleasure and profit.
The 400-year promise of Slavery is documented. As Slavery grew in Charleston, Churches also grew to keep spiritual and mental control over the Slaves of Charleston’s Holy City. The Black African American tour guides fear the White powers of Charleston slave codes, and the coons tell you the lies of Charleston’s Slave Massa and prove they are ashamed of Jesus and they never mention any connection between Jesus Christ the Redeemer and Gullah. Godfrey Gullah Jac tells the truth of God, and his son Jesus Christ. The Holy City of Charleston is number one in the world for Slavery and Charleston is about to be held responsible for the crimes they committed and still continue to commit to this very day. The truth is hiding in front of your eyes. The white lies are all coming to an end as the 400-year Curse of Slavery is coming to its end. (Source: Donald Trump, Hr, 1242 Act, 400th Anniversary of Slave’s Arrival to Americas). Tell the truth and shame the devil. Coons, you are now on notice, tell the truth and stop lying about the history of Jesus Christ and his people of the Charleston Slave trade.
The truth about the Gullah Geechee people is found in the new book coming December 25, 2019. GULLAH the Blood Root to Charleston’s Slave Trade and Redemption Rev 22
Charleston’s Diamond year begins in 2020. 2020 Charleston will steal its Diamond status of ten straight years in a row for number one city in the world for Black African American and Slave history, but they simply call it, Charleston Tourism to make it sound sweet and pretty. Gullah Geechee and Jesus Christ will be revealed rather Charleston likes it, or not. HalleluYah. Truth or nothing at all. We Be Dem Gullah Geechee Peoples. Boi Looka Yah…
Tell the Truth and Shame the devil. Black so called christian tour guides truly ashamed of Jesus Christ the King. What does it profit a man to gain the world but loose his souL. The truth of God and Jesus Christ is the Light, and the Light is the Truth and The Law; the law is Gullah. Come and take a real Black history African American history Slave history Gullah history tour and learn why Charleston has a 99 percent white tour guide system and also learn why the so called black tour guides lie about Gullah Geechee history. FACTS!
Boi Looka Yah….

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