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Gullah Jac documentary Charleston’s Secrets

Only 33 more days before the filming of the Documentary about Charleston’s most historical secrets.

What does Gullah really mean?

Finally, the true history of those Blacks, African American slave descendants of Charleston.

If any of the Gullah people were ever caught talking about their history, they would be hanged on one of Charleston’s beautiful and most popular hanging trees. (Source: Willie Lynch Letters)

July 4 – 8th

Godfrey “Gullah Jac”

Will be talking with the ancestors to allow them to tell their own history.

The slave’s perspective of what really happened during Slavery here in historical Charleston.

On July 4-8th we will be filming our tour with a professional film crew.  For these tour dates you will be required to sign a talent document for us to show your face on camera.  For those who do not want to be filmed, you can still be apart of the fantastic tour by signing an exclusive document.

Buy your tickets now!

Limited seating!

843.478.0000 | Gullahgeecheetours.com

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